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The same thing happened to me on june 11 2017 and me nor my girlfriend fit the description of someone in a white shirt being punched. My girlfriend had on a black shirt and i had on a blue shirt and a blue and orange Denver Broncos hat. We were at Dairy Queen on 28 East in Pineville Louisiana and the Pineville police department officers asked her did she see someone get hit she said no and they were looking for someone that had on a white shirt that was punched. We have witnesses statements and nothing has been done to any of the officers who attacked me and pulled me over for nothing and jumped out the car screaming he was going to beat me up for no reason and handcuffed me and slammed me face first on camera in the rain in a puddle of water and my girlfriend said you don’t have to do him like that for nothing. I asked the officers are you threatening me and what did i do, they didn’t read me my rights didn’t tell me what he pulled me over for and then slammed me face first on camera in the rain in a puddle of water. After they found out i was not the person of interest and he didn’t want to get in trouble he asked me not to file a complaint against the Department but he was going to do a report because he slammed me on the ground for something i didn’t do and for nothing. We are trying to get the dash cam video and pictures of the brutal attack on me. We are reaching out and seeking help in this matter. My email address is and phone number is 678-613-5704 thank you and God bless. 

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